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Hello all! I’m offering Custom Portraits on my etsy now!

Some email headers for The Casual Warriors Kimono-Ya.

These are done monthly, top is July, middle is august and end is June (minus the text/logo)

I’m doing some ad work for The Casual Warriors Kimono-Ya.

This one was an ad for the Ancient City Convention program, with a summer beach theme. 


I just graduated college…and I’m moving in a few months!!! To prepare for this, I’m selling some of my old artwork. And I’m holding a graduation sale!!! Use GRADUATE2013 up until May 18th at my etsy shop for 20% off any purchase!

I drew this cutie for the thank you page of my portfolio book. 

In other news, if anyone wants to do a steampunk remake of Stellaluna…I may be your girl. Just sayin…

Watercolor, ink and PS CS 6. 

Side by Side watercolor vs gouache

Steampunk Bat




Senior Self Portrait

Ink, Watercolor, Photoshop CS 6

11”x 14”

Nov 2012

Julia Nunes Living Room Tour Poster


Ink and PS CS 6

Some character portraits I did for my steampunk blog The Good Ship Sappho .

Done in sepia ink wash.

You can purchase prints of any of these portraits or commission portraits in this style on my Etsy

I don’t very well know why I put this on my sketch blog first. But here’s an editorial illustration I did about Space Tourism. I apologize to any of my followers who have had to see me put this image on 3 of my blogs. 


My first illustration of the year (Ya, the first one went slow, but we’re going to go quick through the last ones I suppose)

Illustrations for an article about Space Tourism, Planning on submitting this to the Cosmix show at the South Florida Museum.

I’m actually really happy with myself on this one, I managed to really focus on this one, and just overall had a great time doing the assignment. So I hoping the critique turns out alright. Hopefully my work keeps getting better from here!

So enjoy!

Watercolor and Ink on Arches Cold Press


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